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How to fix a timing chain issue with Honda CRV?

1. after changing oil, I was able to start the car, but the engine would not idle.

2. what is the possibility that the valve is damaged?

3. what is the possibility that the motor is further damaged and needs to be replaced?

4. can I get away with just replacing the chain?How to fix a timing chain issue with Honda CRV?ok, first of all, you should know that the timing belt or chain in a honda is a critical part. if it is malfunctioning, DO NOT START OR ATTEMPT TO START THE ENGINE, You're asking, no.... begging: for valve damage if you do. Have it towed, have the chain replaced, period. End of story. You're gonna hear the same from others. -john in Iowa

I need to know how to change the water pump on a 2000 dodge intriped 2.7 liter thanks?

Im going to replace the timing chain also i think you have to go through the water pump to thanksI need to know how to change the water pump on a 2000 dodge intriped 2.7 liter thanks?you have to remove the whole front of the engine to get to it,if your not real familiar with doing this though it can be more than you want to take on to do,and you,ll need a good selection of tools to work with,they offer everything in a kit to do this with and that's the best way to buy the parts,if your going to attempt this at least buy a repair manual for it you,ll need it that i can guarantee you,the timing has to be right on this one or it will mess it up,good luck.I need to know how to change the water pump on a 2000 dodge intriped 2.7 liter thanks?Dodge offers a complete kit new timing chain, guides, water pump, and tensioner. this is not an easy job. i would not recommend doing it if you don't fix cars all the time. but if your gonna do it this is the way to go. good luck.I need to know how to change the water pump on a 2000 dodge intriped 2.7 liter thanks? you have to remove the timing chain to get to water pump. if you don't have some experence i wouldn't try.I need to know how to change the water pump on a 2000 dodge intriped 2.7 liter thanks?need to remove upper intake valve covers,cover that goes on top radiator, remove fans, remove belts,crank balancer, a/c tensioner,alt tensioner,front timing cover, line up timing marks, remove timing chain primary tensioner, remove guides and chain sprockets. then you can remove water pump and intall in reverse sequence. dont forget to bleed cooling system or your vehicle will over heat within 10 miles of driving.
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  • How to change the Chain on a BMX bike?

    I've been wanting to do this for a very long time now, but I have no idea how to. What i mean is like, ok, you put the chain in the teeth of the sprockets then how do you join the two ends. If possible could you send me a link to a video of this been done, or if you have the time could you please make one. Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!How to change the Chain on a BMX bike?You probably got a masterlink with your chain. It's one side of a chain with two pins coming out of it and nothing on the other side, then a flat piece with two holes and finally a U shaped flat piece that locks it all together. That is the easy way. Also, you will want to use a chain tool to get it down to the correct length.How to change the Chain on a BMX bike?u take the master link off then u get u put in the bike and put the master link back on.... but if theres no master link the u cant do anything be side hit it wi a hammer.. this happend 2 me yesterday... answer my ? i put out

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    What causes the timing chain of a Nissan altima 3.5SE V6 to start giving a strange sound?

    I give my mechanic my car for routine change of oil and the filter and before he gets to the dealership, he's called and tells me the timing chains malfunctioning and i say whats the cause and he doesn't know. I have 193K on mileage. How long can i use it before replacing it cause $2000 is on the high side?What causes the timing chain of a Nissan altima 3.5SE V6 to start giving a strange sound?Actually the chain guide wears away at the chain tension devices in each head. Nissan Replaces all three chains and two chain tension shoes. I also recommend any worn guides be done while the timing chain cover is off. At your car mileage I would also replace the water pump too. Whirring whining buzzing noise is steel to chain noise don't wait to long. Other high mileage parts think about doing two radiator hoses thermostat and radiator with a new cap any power steering hoses that may be leaking, valve cover gaskets and fan belts too . Motor and power train assembly must be dropped out the bottom to properly perform the timing chain work on a front wheel drive Altima. Make sure your technician has done this job so they will know exactly what to do.What causes the timing chain of a Nissan altima 3.5SE V6 to start giving a strange sound?Chain has stretched beyond the limit that its tensioner can take up.

    OR the tensioner is not working.

    No way of knowing how long it will be OK for - could be 1000s of miles and could be 10.

    If it breaks or jumps you will need a new engine.What causes the timing chain of a Nissan altima 3.5SE V6 to start giving a strange sound?why is your mechanic taking your car to the dealership?What causes the timing chain of a Nissan altima 3.5SE V6 to start giving a strange sound?well said gentlemen!

    What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?

    One is a chain, one is a belt, of course, but what are the practical differences in terms of both short term and long term engine operation? I have always owned vehicles with timing belts, and have been told by many people that timing belts are better than chains, but I am going to be purchasing a vehicle with a timing chain and would like to know what I should expect. What are the differences? Do they have to be changed? If so, how often? Are they reliable?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?Timing chains can last the life of the vehicle and no expense every x amount of miles to change them. They are meant to last forever, but if they do break it gets messy.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?Chains usually last longer than belts, but are more expensive to replace when you have to. You usually have to replace guides, sprockets, and tensioners with the chain. A smart person would have the tensioner and idler pulleys replaced with a timing belt along with the water pump if it is driven off the belt. Timing chains are very reliable as they were used for years before the auto industry got cheap and started using belts. If the brand of car you're looking at is reliable, or you have friends with cars like the one you are looking at, ask them how they are getting along with theirs. Check your owner's manual for replacement frequency as they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?The life of the engine means the life of the engine. Nearly all cars that go to the junkyard still have a running engine. The rest of the car will fail before the engine will on a typical modern car. From a maintenance and reliability standpoint, chains are orders-of-magnitude better than belts. What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?timing chains don't have regular maintenance intervals like a belt. they do need to be replaced in some cases, but only when or if they cause a problem. example, a friend of mine had to replace a timing chain on his 2004 honda accord when it jumped a tooth. that was ultimately the fault of a malfunctioning tensioner. On the other hand, i had a dodge dakota with over 250,000 miles with the original timing chain. overall they require less service.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?suggest that timing chains usually last much longer and do not stretch as easily.I would guess that a chain is more reliable then a Belt. Steel is much more tougher then rubber.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?The chain will last the life of the engine and will eliminate many hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. If they do start to fail for some reason, they will get noisy, but not fail immediately, like a belt, which will break without warning and most likely lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Chains are better.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?given the fact that a belt is a dry environment type and a chain is a wet type typically, a chain will last longer but i dont know if i would go to the life of the vehicle, but given the fact that it is of a stronger material and lubricated, the chain type till last longer. a belt will last from 60,000 to 80,000 miles form what i have seen. What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?I can't give much help BUT I just changed the timing chain on my sunfire. It does have 165,000 miles though...What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?ill tell yuou what, im a mechanic and i won't buy a car that has a belt just because i hate putting on timing belts, and if you weren't to do it, its a lot of money to pay for labor to have it put on with the water pump. and a chain you don't have to do anything with, the only thing that chains do over a period of time are stretch, but thats a longggg time, the odds are you'll never have to replace the chain. with the timing belt, you have to worry about maint. and if it breaks, worry about bending valves. so by not having a belt you save money in the long run.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?Chains are more precise; they don't stretch, so you can get better performance with precision valve timing

    Chains are less prone to failure

    Chains are noisier

    Belts are quieter

    Belts stretch and effect valve timing

    Belts break with wear

    /What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?From my experience, the major differences between chain vs. belt has more to do with longevity, advances in engine design, and cost. When most engines used 1 camshaft and pushrods a chain was very practical. As more engines used overhead cams and eliminated the pushrods, a long belt was quieter and less expensive than a long chain. Timing belts tend to last about 75,000 to 100,000 miles before they break. A broken timing belt will ruin a head or engine block on an interference engine. Timing chains last longer and give more warning before they break ( as they stretch, they get noisy, and the belt tensioner or guides will fail before the chain) You probably won't have any trouble with either type of engine with the proper maintenance.What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?Something that was left out; is that engines that use timing chains are generally constructed completely different than engines that use a timing belt. Engines that use a timing belt are built to be as light as possible. Pulleys and belts are generally lighter cheaper than gears and gear trains. A bad thing with this design is that most of these engines are what engineers refer to as interference engines. If the timing belt ever fails; the pistons will hit the valves and usually cause major damage. Every engine that has a timing chain is not an interference engine. I have seen and heard of many that loosen and %26quot; jump%26quot; timing and just won't start or run well. Some even drop valves and keep running. I had a Ford Mustang that stripped the timing gears and only after replacing both gears, it was running again.

    My vote goes to real metal or kevlar timing chains and gears.

    I know Jeeps and many trucks go 300k + miles on the original timing chains.

    Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?

    I was just told that I need a timing chain for my 2004 Chevy Cavalier. I took it to the shop because it started jumping and shutting off when I slowed down or stopped at a light and eventually cut off though it would come back on. It would drive smoothly when I drove at a higher speed. Also, a very loud smell was coming out of the exhaust. I took it to the shop and he put it on the computer and it read rapid misfire so he advised me to replace the ignition coil. I did, but nothing changed afterwards and when I drove it home and tried to crank it up the next morning it wouldn't start. Now the mechanic is saying I need to replace the timing chain. He was wrong about putting the ignition coil on there, I don't know if he's wrong about the timing chain. This is getting pretty expensive. Can anyone give me some advice? If it is the timing chain how much will it cost to repair?Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?timing chains on 2.2 engines usually make noise before they go south, and when they do, its a done deal. the engine stops. most times they break, get jammed with broken pieces, and the engine locks up... until repaired. you need a second professional oppinion. the 2.2 has a history of bad timing chains,(the chain tensioner falls apart) does it sound NORMAL when you try to start it? spin too fast, make noise???Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?I'd check the owner's manual to see what is says about timing chains. And take the vehicle to a Chevy dealer for a second opinion.Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?so your car has a loud smell lol, it sounds like a timing problem all right, I've never heard of a rapid misfire but you may want to take it to auto zone and have them check it to make sure they check the COMPUTER for freeDo I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?Unless you have over 300,000 miles on the vehicle I fail to see how your timing chain would factor in to this issue.

    Air filter clean?

    Plugs good?

    Ignition wires in good shape?

    No trouble codes or check engine light?

    Sounds like a 4 year old car needs a bit of TLC, but a timing chain?

    Start with the basics required for the engine to run smoothly first.Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?u might look at the crankshaft position sensor.i have an 01 and it was acting really funky,i was puzzled as hell.i got a code reader and it ended up being the tps,in my mind it was totally unrelated to the problem but i changed it anyway and it ran fine ever since.get a second opinion,if ur check engine light is on,go to auto zone,get a free code scan.i don't think it's the timing chain.

    How do u set timing on a 1983 honda 200x three wheeler?

    I had to change the head gasket and i have looked every where to find out how to set the timing chain so the it will firer i put the lift down adn the piston top dead center and it wont start. i you have an idea how to set the timing please tell me .How do u set timing on a 1983 honda 200x three wheeler?You take the little cap off that is on top of the block on the left side and you will see the flywheel. When you see it, either have someone move the kickstarter down slow or do it yourself with your hand while you lean over the bike and look down at the flywheel. What you are looking for is a mark with a T next to it. when you find it, the engine is at top dead center when it is lined up with the notch that is where you took the cap off.

    Next you take the cap off of the cylinder head and align the mark on the cdi to the mark on the head. You will have to take the chain back off to do this of course. when both marks are lined up.. the bike is in time.How do u set timing on a 1983 honda 200x three wheeler?You better do a little more research on this, there are other things involved. You'd better release the tensioner on the chain or it will be toast. I toasted one on an XR200 back around that time. Do some research on
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  • Do you guys think I need to replace my timing chain? Jeep Cherokee 1997?

    Hello guys, I'm a proud owner of a Jeep Cherokee 1997, 6 cylinders, 4.0L, 2 doors. When I bought my %26quot;loyal friend%26quot; from a senior from Denver, Co, it used to had 117,000 on it,, now It's been 4 years since I bought it and I put a lot of miles on my Jeep. Now it has 158,528 miles and is still working good. I recently change the battery, the alternator and the radiator, this last one I had to do it because the antifreeze was leaking and I didn't realize about it until I got to Vegas. I drove it from Twin Falls, Id, all the way down to Sin City and I didn't realize about this problem. How dumb I was!!! Well the thing is that ultimately I'm driving my Jeep in long trips. I drove it to Seattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, Boise, ID, Salt Lake City, UT, and I'm really concerned about the timing chain. I've heard that if the timing chain fails, my %26quot;loyal friend%26quot;, will die for sure. And the costs for repairs are expensive so I wanna have it replace it before it'll be too late. Today I went to Shucks Auto Parts and they told me that I don't need to replace my timing chain, since is timing chain and chain is much stronger than timing belt and plus last longer. I wanted hear a second opinion and I went to AutoZone, and they told me that yes, I need to have replaced the timing chain. Now I don't know who says the truth, cause the problem is not the timing chain price (it's just 49 bucks), the thing is, how much a good and HONEST car mechanic could charge me for replacing it?...So I need your opinion guys if I need to replace my timing chain or not if so, how much I have to expect for paying?..and one more question. By doing the replacement of timing chain, Do I have to replace the water pump also?...It's not leaking but since I'm driving my car long trips, I wanna take my precautions. Thank you, I hope you guys could help me

    P.D.: JEEP ROCKS!!!Do you guys think I need to replace my timing chain? Jeep Cherokee 1997?The timing BELT should be replaced every 75,000 miles. I have to assume the previous owner did so at the correct interval. AT 150K+ miles, you're due. If you do, in fact, have a timing CHAIN on a 1997 Jeep 4.0L, it would not need replacement based on mileage alone, but on wear. If you do replace the chain, replace the cam and crank gears also as a complete 3-piece set. Since you have to remove the water pump to get at the timing assembly, it's your call if you want to replace it. It should not be any additional labor, about 2 hours total.

    If you just replace the water pump, you can pull the timing cover at that time and see first hand if you have a belt or a chain.

    If you have a set of tools and a little mechanical know-how, this is a good afternoon project for the novice mechanic. You will get to know your car better and wil be able to understand why repair shops cost so much.Do you guys think I need to replace my timing chain? Jeep Cherokee 1997?yes I think you should replace it..Do you guys think I need to replace my timing chain? Jeep Cherokee 1997?TIME TO CHANGE DAT WHOLE WHIP !!!MAN UPGRADE DAT OL CLUNKER!!Do you guys think I need to replace my timing chain? Jeep Cherokee 1997?No, you don't need to change it. I had the same thinking along time ago with the same 4.0L. I needed to change to water pump and thought of changing the time chain. I open it up and it was still tight. It's still good because of it being a short chain and a double roller.

    If you have no problem with now, it'll be fine. Chain will stretch before it'll break. That stretching will cause the timing to be off and that's when you'll know it needs to change. I had 222k before selling the jeep and it was still running great.

    How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?

    I recently had a friend fix an oil leak on my '98 Nissan Sentra. The leak affected the timing chain, which splattered oil all over parts of the engine and alternator. He did a great job cleaning it up, but now my car seems too slow when it changes gears and I have to almost slam on the gas to make it go. Could working with the timing chain affect the way my transmission works or could this problem have been caused by anything to do with the timing chain?How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?If your car is not in the correct time, it will not perform correctly. I am quite sure your transmission has nothing to do with the problem. But if he took the timing chain off, and put it back in close to original, but not quite there, it will run very poorly. You need to take it to a garage, and let them test out the timing.How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?Might I suggest goint to a REAL mechanic next time?How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?The timing belt has nothing to do with the transmission. However, the problem you are discribing, having no power, can be attributed to mistiming. So, if your friend took the timing chain off and put it back on wrong then yeah, that is probably it. Get it into a shop to have the timing checked.

    Also, if this is a interfernce motor, which if it is a four-banger than it probably is, you want to be really careful. If the timing so too far off you will destroy your motor.How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?your friend probably didn't set the timing correctly, if you didn't have a trans problem before he worked on the motor, i doubt its that. got to take the timing apart again. pain in the a........How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?Try throwing some tranny fluid in it, if not have a real mechanic check it out not your friend.How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?Use a real mechanic, not your friends to take care of your car problems. You wouldn't have a friend operate on you, would you?How did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?well they did it cause they played u brother go to another mechanic and seeHow did my mechanic affect my transmission/timing belt?He probally put the timing belt on incorrect may be 1 tooth off or so on the timing belt sprockets

    Coolant Leak at Timing Chain Cover?

    My brother has a 2002 Ford Ranger. He's been having problems with it and took it to the dealer, and they said it has a coolant leak at the timing chain cover. The job would be $1500 because they want to replace everything around the timing chain cover as well. My friend who's a mechanic can change it for me for cheap. My question is, how much is a timing chain cover? I looked and found one website that said $180, another said $20 so im not sure. And about how many hours of labor would it take? If anyone could provide me with a link that would be great, thanks.Coolant Leak at Timing Chain Cover?First tell your brother that he may have a cracked block inside the cover which could cause the coolant to leak out. There should not be anything but oil inside the cover. Have him check the oil sump for any sign of emulsification. Fifteen hundred clams is a little too stiff. The cover don't need replacing, the gasket does. Before getting the work done make sure you find out where the leak is coming from. A pressure test may help. If any section of the block inside the cover is cracked, you got yourself a serious problem there.Coolant Leak at Timing Chain Cover?Unless the Cover is Cracked or Damaged it can be reused. To do it right you need Timing Cover Gasket, Water Pump, Timing Belt/Chain, Tension Pulley, Coolant, {Thermostat if it's been Running Hot}, Anti-Seize or Gasket Seal and about 6 to 8 Hours. Dealer told you $1,500 Sounds good, I have shops where you can get everything done for $1,100.Coolant Leak at Timing Chain Cover?First you need to pinpoint the leak.

    You do that by attaching a cooling system pressure testor, which is basically a pump that attached where the radiator cap goes.

    You can keep pumping above normal until you find the leak (make sure you have it filled with water, because you won't see it it there is air at the leak.)

    You can do this with the cam cover off, so should be able to see the chain and around the chain cover.

    (What I fear is that it may be the head gasket, and not anything to do with chain cover at all.)

    But a chain cover is not that hard to do.

    The hardest part is you need to take the harmonic damper off, and it has a large nut on the end of the crank. (Check if yours is reverse thread as well.)

    Finally, I had an odd case with a Mazda engine, where the very front of the head was not one piece with the head. And it had a gasket and cooling passages to it. It looked like the head gasket was bad, but taking the cam sprocket and front of head off, and replacing the gasket, fixed it perfectly.

    But this was very odd. I only mention it because you have to be open to all possibilities these days.

    The whole job should be less then $700, and don't take it to the dealer. They want to sell cars, not fix them.

    How to fix a timing chain rattle on a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4l V6?

    I have one of these and did the whole timing chain - spockets - chains - gaskets etc and cost me more than $2,000 but the problem is now fixed and it is a joy to drive. Fortunatley or unfortunatley bought another with the same engine rattle on startup - but much less noise - the first car had all good looking removed parts that is chains, sprokets, but the mechnic did not give me back the tensioners - my question is can this problem be fixed by simply replacing the tensioners only? This one has half the mileage at only 55,000 km.

    And does someone have the procudure for the shortest way to do that by myself?

    Can changing the oil viscosity fix this problem?

    The last time it was in the garge for 4 months!!!!!!! Hence my fear.

    Any and all help appricated.

    For those of you interested on my post of not firing on left bank - the exhust values were bent when doing the timing chain swap.

    Thanks at least half the responses pointed that out - thorugh a compression test.

    Thank you in advanceHow to fix a timing chain rattle on a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4l V6?Type in %26quot;serious explorations%26quot; - there are TONS of explorer sites. Ford had a redesigned tensioner that threaded into the engine that would usually take care of the rattle if the inside parts were'nt damaged yet.How to fix a timing chain rattle on a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4l V6?It is a good bet that the tensioners will fix the problem. No oil will not fix it even if you use molassas thickness...How to fix a timing chain rattle on a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4l V6?Shortest way?

    If you are doing BOTH banks, the passenger side chain is best reached with the engine out of the vehicle as it is on the rear of the engine.

    There is no shortcut to that!How to fix a timing chain rattle on a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4l V6?This vechile has 4 chains including the one for the oil pump. Engine has to be removed for the rear chain on the right side, and special service tools needed!

    Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?

    hello guys, i really need help because a lot of people are telling me that the problem my mustang 2000 has its the timing chain, i believe thats the reason my car will not start, everything else works fine, i have sparks everywhere in my car, and the battery is brand new and so are the spark plugs..

    now i need to know whats the difference between a timing chain and the timing belt? and will my car turn on after i change or adjust the part??,

    which one is the problem, and how much would it cost to get the part new or used, doesnt matter,

    also my car is automatic and it has 153,xxx miles in it, my engine will turn but wont start, and ive changed the oil as well, can anyone please help meTiming chain on a mustang 2000 v6?Your car is past the due time for a timing belt replacement, a timing chain and belt runs from the crank to the camshaft in order for the valves to open and close at the proper time. It is not a job for the faint of heart, or a novice mechanic, it requires radiator shroud removal, radiator, fans, alternator, A/C compressor, and loosening the power steering pump, removal of the water pump (replace it while you're in there. Then you remove the balance wheel on the crank (change the oil seal there too) then you are ready to get to the timing belt. If you think it's a job you want to tackle e-mail me or get a carters manual at autozone.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?get your car to a mechanic and let them have a look. Don't try to mess around with the timing yourself.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?If you checked the presense of spark at the spark plug, then why are you going to mess with the timing belt/chain. If the timing belt/chain broke you wouldn't be getting spark.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?first things first there a difference from a chain and a belt one is made of iron and a belt is made of rubber but both do the same thing another thing is that on fords there is a cold role pine that goes into the distributer drive gear and some time this brakes or false out and your distributer dont turn the road ore any more so you might just like to check that out before you jump in to change out the gears and chain or belt much less expensive to replace the pin and reset the timing of your car and takes less time to do the job but if you are apsalutly sure that the belt or chain is bad by all means get new parts for it dont bother whit used
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  • How much does it cost to replace a new timing chains?

    I drive a 2000 celica gt-s 6 speed manual and I found out that my car doesnt have a timing belt but a timing chain. Nothing seems to be wrong with my timing chain though i can't really see it cus it's inside my engine but my car is over 100 k miles already and i was wondering how much it will cost me to changed it just in case. I know its not cheap.How much does it cost to replace a new timing chains?had you bought a Chevy or a ford $20-$30..

    ha ha you bought a Toyota ...ha ha good oneHow much does it cost to replace a new timing chains?Good news is timing chains do not need to be replaced, they just have to be re tightened. This is much cheaper than having a timing belt replaced, but I am not sure how much it would cost for foriegn cars. probably a couple hundred, go to a toyota dealership to do it.How much does it cost to replace a new timing chains?Unless it is make noise you shouldn't have to do anything to it. if I'm not mistaken i believe Toyota uses a hydraulic tensioner which doesn't need any adjustment.

    How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?

    i have a 1990 toyota pickup . had a blown head so i took that off brang it to a machine shop where they would rebuild and shave it. now since i have it all apart i wanna change the timing chain belt and on one site it had a choice between these 2 engines 22r 2bl or 22r fi . how do i know wich i 22r i have .? or are the timing chain the same for both of them?How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?2bl means 2 barrel carburetor. fi means fuel injected so is your carbureted or fuel injected?How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?I would say the timing chain is the same for both. The %26quot;2bl%26quot; and %26quot;FI%26quot; simply refer to what kind of fuel system they are. 2bl is a engine that's carbeurated with 2-barrel carb, the FI is Fuel-Injected.How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?If you have a 2bbl carb on your intake then you have a 22r 2bbl... if you have a fuel injection unit mounted on your intake then you have fuel injection. The timing chains are the same for both.How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?While you have the front of the engine off and doing the timing chain. I highly recommend that you replace the housing where the timing chain goes through. Even though you get new rubbing blocks, the chain, if it is stretched any, will rub the aluminium housing. If this happens, eventually, you will get a coolant leak into the oil pan. It's not too much more money to do this. Also, while you have the front all taken apart, a water pump is only about $30. How do you know if you have a 22r 2bl and 22r fi engine?if noyhing else your vin number will tell you what engine just call a toyota dealer and ask or it is in the repair manual. alot of toyota websites can tell you what you need to know with the vin# TRD is a good one.

    2004 cavalier 2.2 motor?

    HOW TO CHANGE A TIMING CHAIN ON A 2.2 MOTOR2004 cavalier 2.2 motor?Go to your local parts store and pick up a haynes manual for your Cavalier. To much to try and explain on here. Haynes manual will give you a good explanation on how to do your repair.

    Timing Chain?

    how often does the timing chain in GM's 3800 v6 need to be changed. I know with an OHC belt it needs to be changes 100k+ but this is a chain its stronger.Timing Chain?With proper oil changes, it will outlast the rest of the engine. Should not need changing.Timing Chain?Why do you want to change your timing chain?

    Unlike the belt the timing chain makes noise wen it gets bad.

    Your vehicle has little over 100 K, you may drive that car without changing the chain ever, or it may give up next day.

    If you have your vehicle's manual, in the maintenance section they talk about when you need to change the belt/chain, but still, no one would know when would a chain brake.

    Good luck!Timing Chain?You should never have to replace the timing chain except when you rebuild the engine.

    Timing belt or chain.?

    I have a 99 Grand cherokee. I am not sure if it has a timing chain or a belt. Is it easy to change and how do I do it please?Timing belt or chain.?For the record its a timing chain.

    If you're thinking about belt replacement you probably mean the serpentine belt. It turns accessory drive (starter, alternator etc). These can be replaced in your driveway with the proper tools, if your timing chain is bad you should take it to a shop like the others have suggested.Timing belt or chain.?You take it to a garage and ask them to do it. If you don't even know if it's a belt or a chain, you really shouldn't be playing with it.Timing belt or chain.?Unless you are good with cars, get a professional to fix it. You have to remove the water pump, as well as several other major parts. You will also have to set the timing, set the tensioner, reseal the water pump, and put everything else back on.Timing belt or chain.?It should be a belt. but i would get it changed by a mechanic. you need the right size belt plus it needs to be tightly put on there or it would slipTiming belt or chain.?You have a chain. Why would you change it? They, with oil changes, should last as long as the engine,,Yes, they will stretch, but unless you have so much wear that it is hitting your cover, you will not know it is there.

    IF..and I say IF.. you are competent with mechanic work, and you have the four liter.....SHORT VERSION. Pull the fan and clutch, shroud, water CANNOT RESEAL THIS AS SUGGESTED,,but good time to change it any way, pull the serpentine belt ,using a puller, pull the crank harmonic dampener, pull the timing cover off, note the marks on the crank sproket and cam sprocket and line up NOW. Pull the center bolt holding the cam sprocket and slide the two sprokets off together. You WERE planning on replacing the two sprockets too, weren't you?? DO it as a set or chain wear will be accerlerated. Clean all gasket material off and lossen the first12 bolts of the oil pan..If you damage the gasket on the oil pan, you will have to pull it too and replace the careful. Line up the timing marks on the crank and cam sprockets and slide, with the chain, back into place.

    Oil the chain with 30 w engine oil and reverse the above procedure..Note, use a harmonic INSTALLER, never the bolt on the crank to pull it on..Yes, it MIGHT work, but damage the crank threads....DON't even think of it..These pullers and installers can be borrowed from larger auto stores.

    If you are NOT useing cork gaskets,,you can use RTV sealer on the various gaskets.

    This is the SHORT version, but gives you and idea how to do. Time,,depending upon Murphey's Law around four hours..If you have to pull the pan..add two more hours..minimum.

    Good Luck,Timing belt or chain.?Timing Chain. Goto your parts store and pickup a repair manual. It does require removing most of the accessories on the front of the engine including the fan assembly.
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  • Crankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?

    ok i plan on changing my timing chain with a new timing kit. i been researching on how to do so but i have a question. i know i have to set the engine to tdc but when i have to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt wont the pulley move making it off tdc. i dont have a torch gun and i plan on removing it with regular hand toolsCrankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?What I used to do is take the starter motor out to expose the teeth on the flywheel. Then shove a piece of wood like a broom handle or something in there to keep the flywheel from moving while you crank on the pulley bolt. Don't use metal, you don't want to break any teeth. Since you are going to be turning the bolt left to loosen, you'll have to wedge the piece of wood in going the opposite direction.Crankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?They have a special tool called a piston stop tool that you screw into your number one spark plug hole. You can pic it up at any auto parts store. After you get the pully off, you can rotate the engine by hand to get back to tdc. When the number one piston touches the tool it will stop. with both valves closed, your at tdc.

    You will also need to rent or buy a balancer removal tool, it's the only why to get the balancer off.

    If your timing chain broke, have your valves checked for bending

    92 350 engine chevy?

    Yes i have a question My friend has a Chevy 92 truck with a 350. I think it has the tbi.We want to convert it into carburator we changed the intake and has a 4 barrel Edelbrock carb 600.we changed the cam and other small stuff. I believe we have to change the fuel pump. Would we have to put a manual fuel pump?How can we do that.I know for ford we have to change the timing chain cover and add a manual. but not sure about chevy. Would we have to change the distributor also? Need help soon. Thanks.92 350 engine chevy?These changes will NOT allow the truck to pass a smog test.Can you afford 8 miles to the gallon? Unless you are going to race this truck ,you should reverse action and go back stock.92 350 engine chevy?I would say the fuel pump will definately need to be changed,the injection pump will produce way too much pressure for a carb and overwhelm the float needle valve. I'm not sure if the fuel tank has an internal pump but if not you should be able to fit an inline pump between the tank %26amp; carb.

    Best to fit a pressure regulator too as this will reduce 'surge' and even out the flow.(Malpasi's Filter King) is good.

    Sorry,can't help on the distributor but I don't see why it would need to be changed .Hope this helps a bit! Good luck!92 350 engine chevy?First you have to see if the engine has a place on the side( should be on the passengers side) to mount a fuel pump. I would say it probably does not. So your going to have to install either a aftermarket electric pump for a carb or put a fuel regulator to lower the fuel pressure on the factory pump. If your still running the computer you should keep the distributor,if not replace it with a older pre computer HEI unit.92 350 engine chevy?Check the passenger side of the block for a plate that might be bolted to the engine. If it's there then remove it and there will be a cavity where a manual fuel pump can be mounted. However now you might have a problem with the camshaft because the manual fuel pump is activated by a rod that runs off a lobe on the camshaft. the lobe pushes on the rod that in turn pushes on a lever on the fuel pump to make it work. Since your truck has an electric fuel pump in the tank then it's very possible the lobe on the cam isn't there. But then you said you did replace the camshaft so it's probably'll have to check it out. You can eliminate the mechanical fuel pump and use an inline electric fuel pump with a pressure regulator. Gut the in tank electric fuel pump and block the return line and install an aftermarket fuel pump inline someplace close to the fuel tank because an electric pump pushes fuel much better than it sucks fuel. The distributor may be a problem if the computer that controls all this stuff handles the distributor timing based upon air-fuel mixture. I'd buy aftermarket just to be sure. Bought all this other stuff why stop now?

    Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?

    I'm getting a Ford KA 1.3 year 2000 (W Reg) petrol

    Does this car have a cambelt or a timing chain how often does this need changing?

    How much does it cost to service ?

    also is it normal for Ka's to be quite a loud drive?

    thanksFord KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?Ford Ka's have timing chains, not cam-belts and you shouldn't really change the timing chain unless you're advised to, you can cause problems by changing them there's nothing wrong with them.

    I've had two Ka's both bought in very good condition and I've looked after them, and both have been very noisy. Ford's are much noisier than most other makes, but I love my Ka to bits. Services aren't usually very expensive at all.

    They're not too noisy in residential areas when below 55-60mph but at high speeds a plane engine would probably be quieter! Have a listen from outside the car, if there are any strange noises like rattling metal you should get it checked out. But with general engine noise, Ka's are loud.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?The Ford KA is chain driven, no change interval. One of the very few.

    Cost about 130.00 for a full service.

    Loud as in what? Engine, road?

    Is you exhaust okay? If it檚 tapping/banging from the engine take it in.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?timing chain but does require adjustment to stop it rattling special tools needed to adjust itFord KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?I am not sure whether ka are cambelt or have a timing chain although they should not be loud to drive, i have driven ka's and they are not loud from my experience. It is possible that the timing chain may need replacing if it uses one, this costs 100 for the chain new (that's for a corsa though) and 100 labour that was the cheapest that i found. They need replacing ever 60000-70000 miles as far as i am aware.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?The Ka uses an ancient pushrod OHV engine, which uses a short timing chain to the camshaft which is mounted in the block, not the cylinder head as in OHC engines.

    As for your additional info - YES! They're a very 'clattery' engine, they sound like an absolute bag of nails, but this can be significantly improved by correctly adjusting the valve clearances (cheap %26amp; simple job).Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?it has a timing chain which sounds like it needs adjusting but it could be something else as these engines are usually very quiet.

    How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?

    I have a 1984 caprice classic. i have tried to eliminate all other options. I have cut off the catalytic convertor and i have rebuilt tht carb. It runs okay at low speeds. once i get above 40mph it begins to bogg down and there is no power. the rpm's eventually build back up but when i try to give it gas the fuel economy gauge just goes back down. and eventually it will pick back up when the carb opens up. i don't think the chain has ever been changed but, i don't want to invest in it if it is not needed. jUst can't determine if it is streched without physically looking at it.. please helpHow would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?Well, it sounds like you have the OBDI computer. If, you remove the Catalytic converter it may be trying to adjust your fuel/air mixture too lean to meet the specs of the computer %26amp; converter. Normally I do not think the Timing chain would have an effect unless it jumped time. Try putting a Timing light on it and see where the mark is. Then adjust the timing if it needs it. Drive around and see how it does, then recheck the Timing. If it off again, it could be the Distributor needs rebuilt/replaced, but, the chain is probably due for a change out, or the gears. Some of the better??? GMs back then used Plastic gears for the timing chain and they only good for about 100,000-150,000 miles, my Buick century had them it was an 84 V-6 and they just fell apart one day. You can change the oil and sometimes see little pieces of the plastic if the gears are going out. I ask around, why the Heck they use plastic and was told it was to make the Engine run smoother and quiter, yah!!! What some nuts designing cars! LOL. Hope this helps.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?Sounds like a bad fuel pump to me.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?sounds like maybe your not getting enough fuel to the carb if your timing chain was stretched that bad you would most likely experience dieseling where motor continues to run when shut offHow would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?Forget about the timing chain until you rebuild the engine. This is not your problem.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?check for lack of fuel.....clogged fuel filter, bad pump... also, put a timing light on it, watch the mark, usually a stretched chain the timing will jump around without moving the dist.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?check for a fuel problem,like a restriction, clogged line or a flattened one. taking the converter off may have been a mistake. BUT CHECK THAT FUEL LINE,an test the fuel pump.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?Bad distributor advance. Check the base timing and also the advance actuator. Be sure when the vacuum lines were re-connected after carb build that the dist vac was hooked to the proper port.How would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?the fuel economy gauge is nothing more than a vacume gauge if you have a muffler on this car and are not absolutely sure it is not pluged remove it and see if makes a diference as much air gets in has to get out other than that you can check looseness of chain by pulling cap off distributer turn motor by hand back and forth easyer with plugs removed watch and see how fast rotor moves when you move crank if slop chain is worn other thing is if someone has adjusted valves incorrectly or you have broken or weak valve spring or carbon on valve causing to stick remove covers kinda look things over as someone bumps motor over without starting remove coil wire make sure everything is operating properly

    Does my 2006 Cadillac CTS use a timing belt or a timing chain and how often does it need to be changed?

    Pretty sure it uses a belt, if so around 60k. If its a chain it could last the entire lifetime of the vehicle.Does my 2006 Cadillac CTS use a timing belt or a timing chain and how often does it need to be changed?GM's High Feature V6 - the CTS has one version - runs off a chain.Does my 2006 Cadillac CTS use a timing belt or a timing chain and how often does it need to be changed?its a chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!buy you a repair manual at local parts store
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  • Vauxhall Agila timing chain?

    Has anyone had problems with the timing chain on the Agila

    Mine was changed in 2006 when the car was recalled, now what I want to know is how long does a timing chain suppose to last as I am getting conflicting reports that they have been snapping when I thought that chains would last the life of the engine.

    I have only done 23000 mile since the change.Vauxhall Agila timing chain?a chain should last at least 100,000 miles its not so much that the chain snaps they usually stretch due too poor materials used too manufacture them and jump the timming but you get plenty of notice as it will start too rattle for many thousands of miles before jumping you shouldnt need too worry about your chain again once the recall is carried outVauxhall Agila timing chain?Not sure how long they say a chain should last. A belt, which generally doesn't last a long is usually good for 60,000+ miles, so I would guess that the chain should last at least as long.

    It probably can't be expected to last the lifetime of the engine as it is a moving part and will wear and also stretch (as chains do).

    Give your dealer a ring, they will tell you.Vauxhall Agila timing chain?They only need changing once they get noisy. So don't worry.

    2002 Ford F150 Noise lifter/follower No damage found! Timing Chain?

    I have a 2002 Ford F150 supercab 4.6L V8 FI SOHC 16V that started making noise about a month ago it sounded really loud from the passengers side valve cover so I shut it off right away to avoid any major engine damage and the took off the valve cove to inspect it but I didn't find anything wrong with the followers/lifters but the timing chain seemed to have alot of slack could this be whats making so much noise and how much of a pian is it to change the chain? Will it eventually cause more damage or will it just be loud.Thanks2002 Ford F150 Noise lifter/follower No damage found! Timing Chain?Well first off you may want to take it to a qualified individual. There are no lifters or followers in this engine. Its an overhead cam design. The timing chain has an automatic tensioner so if there is an exsessive amount of play in the chains that would be the place to start. IS THE CAM FLAKING OR SCORED?2002 Ford F150 Noise lifter/follower No damage found! Timing Chain?If your timing is worn or stretched it will jump time and destroy your pistons and could do even more damage to you engine and your pocket book

    Does a 52 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2ltr petrol have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?

    If it's a belt, does anyone roughly know how much to have one replaced at a small local garage would cost, and the recommended mileage to have it changed? Many thanksDoes a 52 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2ltr petrol have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?its the m4 mazda engine in the petrol mondeo, its chain drive , and give no problems.Does a 52 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2ltr petrol have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?Belt. Probably about 120 or so. Normally changed around the 80k / 5 year mark - some cars differ. There will be extra cost if there are belt pre-tensioners to be changed as well.Does a 52 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2ltr petrol have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?Belt and probably around 200 for the full kit and not just the belt at a local independentDoes a 52 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2ltr petrol have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?a belt probably but the only way to know for sure is take it apart and find out

    I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?

    Help.....i have a 350 chevy...when it is runing and in park it sounds really good...theres no missing no backfire no puttering....but as soon as i drop it down into gear it seems like the timing is Way off it doesnt even wanna stay has no power...i changed the timing chain %26quot;lined up the dots how i was supposed to 12 and 6 oclock...%26quot;i changed the module..the rotor button..the Ignition Capacitor and Harness..the wires..the plugs..carb is runing good.....i ran out of order for it to even run good in park the distribitor has to be on about the #4 spot on the cap...and the Vac. advance have to be all the way advanced...when i take the distibitor out and put it in the #1 spot were it is spose to be...i have to have the Vac. Advance all the way retarted..or wat ever that way is called''it is turn all the way count clockwise%26quot; PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP!!!! *i bought this motor of somebody they said it would run good after i changed the stuff i said but i did and nothing*I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?you need to check top dead center. take valve cover off turn the engine over with a ratchet and socket. watch the rocher for #1 intake when it closes then watch the timing mark when the timing mark lines up tha is top dead center. you may also check that thepiston is on top. remove #1 spark plug you can use a small screwdriver be carreful not to damage pistion. the distruber can go in in any position as longas your wires go to the right cyl.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?Did you change the top gear? If not, it could have worn teeth which will make your timing be off.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?How many miles are on the engine? 350's known to need complete rebuild after 100,000 miles. Mine went 125 K.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?I had a similar problem in 1987 and it turned out to be that carb was messed up. I think that you may have the same problem. Basically when you put it into gear the air/fuel mixture may not be adequate to maintain an ideal idle. You've tried everything else so check it out, you don't have anything to lose!I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?Sounds like you need an expert like the ones at this site.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?Could be the valves are set too tight. Warm up the engine. With the engine running, loosen the rocker studs one at a time until the rocker arm clatters. slowly tighten the bolt until it quits. Then give it another half a turn, one quarter turn at a time. There are gizmos that you can get that go on the end of the rocker arm that helps keep the oil from squirting all over the place. Its still kind of messy though. Could be a plugged exhaust.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?Unhook the vacuum advance from the distributor. Set the timing at about 16-18 degrees advance at idle. Keep the vacuum advanced un-hooked (plug the hose with a golf tee). See what that does for you.I Dont Know whats wrong with my 350 Chevy Engine?Well this is interesting. Unfortunately, we know even less about the engine than you do.

    Since you know little about the condition and configuration of the engine/fuel system, you are trying to fix something without knowing what to fix. Is this a stock engine or was it modified ( as in camshaft ). Is it worn out? How much compression do you have? Is your ignition timing correct? Do you know what the timing is supposed to be? Some chevys have a timing mark(ignition) which aligns at near the 12 o'clock position while others align at the two o'clock position. Are the correct cover and balancer on your engine or are they a mismatched set? If your camshaft is a performance grind, it will act badly in drive at idle. Some people over cam their engines not realizing the problems it can cause.

    Your troubles are not insurmountable, but it sounds like it is beyond your skill level. Any mechanic who works on engines and engine tune can straighten it out for you.

    2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition V6 2WD ~ Timing Belt or Timing Chain?

    I have been told that I have a timing CHAIN and that timing chains don't need to be changed. One individual said that I have a timing BELT. I realize that belts DO need to be changed. My question is: Do I have a timing BELT or CHAIN? How could I find out which one I have? Are there any websites that will allow me to enter my VIN # and find the specifics of my vehicle? Thanks in advance.2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition V6 2WD ~ Timing Belt or Timing Chain?your vehicle has the 3400 V6 in it...this engine uses a timing is noticable by looking at the front of the motor...observe the black plastic cover over the upper 2/3's...i would also recommend that you replace your water pump along with the timing belt2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition V6 2WD ~ Timing Belt or Timing Chain?I'm not familar with your engine (3.4 EFI DOHC), but I looked it up at It says you have a belt and the price is $33.99 in my area of NC.2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition V6 2WD ~ Timing Belt or Timing Chain?Try going to and enter your car info.

    Then in the search field do one at a time

    Search for a timing chain then timing belt. It will tell you if there are parts available for that car with that name.2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition V6 2WD ~ Timing Belt or Timing Chain?belt.
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  • Does a Ford Mondeo Ghia X have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?

    If it's a belt, does anyone roughly know how much to have one replaced at a small local garage would cost, and the recommended mileage to have it changed? Many thanksDoes a Ford Mondeo Ghia X have a timing Chain or Timing Belt?i have a mondeo and mine has a belt but have no idea of cost of Replacement phone some local garages up and ask

    Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?

    And, how much is it to change the chain?Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?I've never heard of a 4-cylinder with a timing %26quot;chain%26quot;.. But I suppose with imports, anything is possible.. The usual configuration is, 4 cylinders have belts.. 6, 8, 10's and 12's have a %26quot;chain%26quot;..

    Now, with imports such as Toyota's and Nissan's and the like, they're front wheel drive.. This means that the engines are placed in the vehicle sideways (this means that what is technically the %26quot;front%26quot; of the engine, actually sits towards the passenger side of the vehicle)..This includes American cars too..

    Unfortunately, front wheel drive vehicles have one major flaw.. Working on them.. For any reason!!! With the engine placed in sideways, to remove and change either a timing belt OR chain, requires some rather advanced skill and techniques over what would be an easy chore with a rear wheel drive vehicle.. Not to mention it's more expensive, but of course, that goes to reason.. LOL.. It's these reasons also, that auto makers are going back to rear wheel drive.. The advantages of rear wheel drive outweigh the single advantage front wheel drive offers.. And mechanics hate working on them (which is really why they cost so damned much for the customer/victim to have them worked on)..

    If your Toyota is a 4-cylinder and has a timing belt, it should be changed every 40k miles.. If it's a 4 cylinder and in fact DOES have a chain, then the chain should be like those chains on larger engines and last the life of the engine (unless they too are plastic, like the older Pontiac engines).. In which case, you should at least have it looked at when you get to 40k, like a belt..

    Again, if you need a chain replaced, heh, it's not gonna be cheap.. Count on at least $300.00 (rounded off) for labor costs and another $50.00 - $75.00 for the chain (belts are around $40.00).. And about 2-3 days to do the work (they usually just lift the engine out of the car to do the job.. It's easier)..

    That's the trade off when you buy foreign over American.. Toyota makes a good quality car.. They run great.. UNTIL they need work.. To change the chain or belt on a rear wheel drive car would take only a day and cost about $200.00, all said and done.. Something to consider when you buy another car..

    I hope this helped you out.. Take care..Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?The %26quot;best answer%26quot; selected here has some serious issues: #1 is that the answer is from an %26quot;Auto Mechanic%26quot; who knows very little about Toyotas (the most popular car in the US). #2 is that most US car brand cars are also front-wheel-drive even today. My Toyota wants the belt changed after 70,000 miles

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    Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?If it has a chain, NO.Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?Timming Belt ( chain ) doesn't neccessary to change but toyota prefer to change at 300,000 km. there is a noice from the chain when the engine used for many kilometer...Timing Belt on Toyota Corolla. I hear that after the year 1999 it is a chain. Do you still need to change?timing belt in any car usually incurred wear and tear, the best indicator is to consult your manual. the command in changing a timing belt is the distance you traveled.

    normally. 50,000 km on your odometer, whether it is made within a year or more, need to change your timing belt, especially those front wheel drive. cost of belt varies, get the good one.

    What is the proper routing for a timing chain (or cam chain) for my '86 Kawasaki KLR250?

    I've looked around and can't find anything on the net. Specifically - The chain now is too loose and the tensioner won't even make it tight. (which it should put tension on the chain) I had the head off for repair and didn't take close enough attention to the cam chain routing. There is a pulley in the side of the head that is for the timing chain to run against... I don't know if the back side of the chain runs under and over the pulley or the inside part of the chain runs over the pulley... It's kind of hard to get at to change and I was wondering if someone knows this model well enough to tell me how it goes. -Thanks-What is the proper routing for a timing chain (or cam chain) for my '86 Kawasaki KLR250?which ever way you get tightest fit it only has two ways right or wrong . lining up of the gears shoud be a big concern

    How to set timing on a 1994 Chevy Lumina Z34 3.4 DOHC?

    I changed the timing belt on my car. The old one was getting ate up by te top timing belt cover. I decided to change the belt before it broke. I clamped all the gears down so they wouldnt move but I think they did. It will start and run and drive, but now there is a noise that is banging, rubbing or clicking coming from the crank area. people have told me that it might be the timing chain hitting up the sides of the chain area. I did not mess around with the timing chain at all though. all of my marks on the gears and crank line up with the diagram i have, but i still have that noise. what could this be? can someone tell me how the cams are supposed to be. the rear cams up or down and the front cams up or down. HELP!!How to set timing on a 1994 Chevy Lumina Z34 3.4 DOHC?You were lucky to be able to change the belt with out wrestling with the tensioner. I would of paint marked all those gears and idlers etc beforehand. If the chain started making the noise immediately after changing the belt, that would be strange coincidence. Perhaps a belt cover is not placed correctly.

    O2 eclipse v6 have a timing belt or chain?

    does my 2002 eclipse gt with a 3.0 V6 have a timing belt or timing chain, and how often does it need to be changed.O2 eclipse v6 have a timing belt or chain?Your car has a timing belt, and pretty much all Japanese made cars have timing belts. The timing belt should usually be changed at the 60,000-80,000 mile check up/tune up and about every 60,000-80,000 miles after that.
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  • 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Owners please help me?

    I own a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition. Its one of the nicest cars I've ever driven. However today the engine malfunctioned and cut off after I switched to 2nd gear and it wouldnt start again. Yes I know how to drive stick and every time I change gears I make sure I press the clutch all the way to the bottom. But today right before the engine cut off there was this weird and nasty grinding sound, I imagine it was the timing chain. the car is used and I know Jetta's need their timing chain changed every 65000 miles before a serious malfunction.I've only had it for one day But this is the first time it has happened to me since its the first Jetta I've ever owned and Im worried about the car, . Was the sound I heard before the car cutted off the timing chain snapping or something else ?2001 Volkswagen Jetta Owners please help me?It sound like a pretty serious problem and you should definitely go to either a VW Dealership or some car shop and have them check it out. Usually they can do it for free.


    REPLACED ON PASSENGER SIDE. DONT KNW WAT THAT MEANS. LIKE I'VE SAID THE CAR RUNS GOOD WHEN DRIVING IT BUT WHEN IT SIT STILLS IT RUNS LIKE I NEED A TUNE UP OR COIL IS BAD. GOTTEN ANSWERS BUT DONT KNW HOW TO COMMENT BACK TO ANSWERS GIVEN. N AT FIRST DEALERSHIP SAID I HAD A VACCUM LEAK AND THAT WAS CAUSING MISFIRES BUT THEN THEY CHANGED IT 2 BROKEN TIMING CHAIN. CONFUSED ON WAT 2 DO CUZ EVERYWHERE I GO I GET A DIFFERENT ANSWER. THXHACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?yes a lincoln ls does have 2 timing chains as do all ford over head cam engines. either the chain could have stretched(not very likely) or a chain guide broke. this would throw your timing off on the pass side. i have seen it happen. if you have the dealer fix it, make them put it in writing that if it doesn't fix the problem you don't pay. and you want pictures of the broken part before it is removed. if they won't do that then they are lying to you.HACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?IF it (the chain) was broke your car would not run. It sounds like you just have something causing a misfire.HACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?If the timing chain were broken, the car would not run at all. The timing chain causes the valves to move at the correct time during the various %26quot;cycles%26quot; of the engine (compression, power, exhaust, etc.) so a broken timing chain would mean total lack of engine operation.

    Vacuum lines -- if you open the hood and hear a hissing sound when the car is idling, you have a vacuum leak. There is also the possibility that the PCV valve is shot, which is an inexpensive part, that you can buy at an auto parts store.

    Sometimes hoses can %26quot;blow%26quot; off the vacuum system leading to a leak and loss of vacuum.. This can happen if the car backfires when starting, it may create a high pressure in the system blowing a hose or two off the engine, believe it or not. Sometimes, if this happens, the engine runs very rough, and all you have to do is find the hose that is loose, push it back on the vacuum line it's supposed to be hooked to and the engine will run smoothly again.HACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?buy whatever will make you not abuse capsHACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?dont know what REPLACED ON PASSENGER SIDE has to do with timing chain or not but if timing chian broken car dont start. DIAGNOSTIC TEST would tell one if its out of timing maybe but they couldnt have change only one timing belt on a car so maybe it was spark plug wires they change confuse about vaccum leak and misfiring and timing chain really sounds as if they dont know what they doing or they just taking your money dont go to that dealer but to any other shop in town sounds like you just need a tune up ok first think of a shop that has been open the longest time in your town or one that has a lot of car there every day leave the dealer ship for selling car and auto shops for fixing them ask a friend who works on theirs or ask a few people who does their auto work word of mouth goes a long way stay away from dealerships they are hihest palces and dont know much in most case wil just take your moneyHACE A 2001 LINCOLN LS V8 LINCOLN DEALERSHIP DID A DIAGNOSTIC TEST N IT READ THAT I NEED A TIMING CHAIN?How many times are you going to ask this same unbelievable question. If the timing chain is broke the car won't run. And you are still trying to say it has two timing chains.

    You say different answers... how many of us has to tell you if the timing chain is broke, the car won't run before you believe someone?

    Does a 2000 golf need to have its timing belt changed?

    i keep getting conflicting answers on this question. does it have a timing belt or a timing chain? how expensive is it to fix? at what mileage should it be changed (if it does need to be changed)?Does a 2000 golf need to have its timing belt changed?Depending on the engine, will depend on whether you have a belt or a chain. Belts on average should be replaced between 75,000 to 100,000 miles (to play it safe) While a chain normally can go 100,000 to 150,000 miles (as long as the engine is not raced). Now the replacement of belt or chain can be a little expensive. Also again, it will depend on which engine you have. You can simply go to your dealership, and ask for a quote on such a repair, and for any related items for repair during that time.

    Good luck.Does a 2000 golf need to have its timing belt changed?I believe it has a timing belt and a good rule is to change it at about 60-75 thousand miles. It should cost about 200-300 dollars however its a vw so it could be more since its german

    Misfire, High Hydrocarbons, what is happening?

    Okay my problem is symptoming misfires.

    I just got inspection done and my hydrocarbons are wayyyyy up.First time this has happened.

    Here's what is good on the truck, or recently changed:

    *Timing Chain

    *Ignition coil

    *Wires, plugs, cap and rotor

    *EGR valve

    *Fuel Filter

    *Fuel Pump- non-electric

    *Distributor does not have the side piece with a vacuum line attached-this model runs it to the computer,

    which is where the canister is- with the vac line attached.

    *New pickup in Distributor at correct gap requirements.(It's a single not dual.)

    *New computer also.

    *No O2 sensor!-it doesn't have one that I can find and I HAVE looked the whole exhaust system over.

    Transmission fluid and filter just changed.

    This truck had mostly original manufactured parts- as they are going out I replace them with new ones.

    The carbuerator is new--I do need to get it adjusted with Tachometer.

    I still have yet to run a vacuum test but I've looked over the tubes and all are okay.

    I have passed the emissions test here in Texas before without problems.

    My compression is good in all cylinders.

    Engine is 5.2 318 V8 2BBL with a Holley Carburetor 6280

    I checked to see if AIR pump was working and it's pumping good steady air, the diverter is also okay.

    How bad does the catalytic converter need to get before it causes trouble? I don't know how old the one I have on it is.

    I don't hear any rattling noises in it.

    Rear wheel drive, D150 body. I say Body because I'm not exactly sure that the engine is the same that the

    truck came with as far as type of engine. The book says it has an O2 sensor but I have not seen one in the engine or the

    exhaust areas,not even a plugged whole.

    I've been trying to diagnose as much as possible through the Chilton or Haynes manual but as most of you

    know they can be vague sometimes with particulars.

    I have 10 days left to get the emission test redone without paying for it.

    I need thoughts suggestions and answers.

    I say again it has passed emissions before with out any fails( with a jacked up timing chain).

    I'm all ears. I'm looking for answers from experienced Mechs.Misfire, High Hydrocarbons, what is happening?one thing you failed to mention was the year of the truck,tell me that and im sure someone on here can help you figure this one out, from what you have said and done to it though it sounds like the carburetor hasn't been adjusted right on it yet,good luck.Misfire, High Hydrocarbons, what is happening?I added the year of the truck to the post. I have been checking other forums like dodge talk and they say I have to plug the vac line to the computer to adjust the timing and the idle. I'm also troubleshooting if there is a loose ground somewhere.

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    Misfire, High Hydrocarbons, what is happening?Take it to a shop that has the equipment to tune it right.Misfire, High Hydrocarbons, what is happening?Sounds like the carb is tuned rich and needs adjustment.

    How Often Do I Need To Replace The Timing Chain in My 03 Sebring 2.7l?

    I have a 2003 chrysler sebring sedan lxi. It now has 64k miles on it and it runs great. I know the history of the 2.7l but i have babied this car with synthetic and 3500 mile oil changes. I was wondering when it would be necessary to have the timing chain and water pump replaced?

    Thanks in advance%26gt;How Often Do I Need To Replace The Timing Chain in My 03 Sebring 2.7l?Well there are no plastic gears in there, and the '03 has the redesigned tensioner system and is thus much more reliable than the earlier engines.

    The timing chain is not replaced as a general maintenance item. The water pump is separate of the timing chain, and should be replaced when and if it fails. It would be wise though to flush the cooling system if you have not already done so. That should be done at least every three years.How Often Do I Need To Replace The Timing Chain in My 03 Sebring 2.7l?if you are lucky ...never... but if and when you need to opt for all metal gears ...they are way better than the plastic crap they put in cars now of daysHow Often Do I Need To Replace The Timing Chain in My 03 Sebring 2.7l?if it has a timing chain... then, as soon as it breaks..
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  • How to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman along

    the car wont start , i was driving it home and just quit running , only 2 lights came on was battery light and oil light ,How to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman alongI own a shop, and I can tell you this; Don't just assume it's the timing chain doing this, but it very well may be. If I remember correctly; the timing chain has a tensioner that will wear out and come apart. This allows the chain to get excessive slack, and throws the timing out enough for the engine to stop running. I was thinking the 3100 had a distributor until 95, but it may not, so you can't watch the rotor to see if the chain has broken. The best way is; do a compression test on the engine to tell if there is something going on with the timing chain, or its components. One must rule out all other factors as being the culprit before reaching the conclusion the timing chain is in fact bad. An engine must have three (3) things to make it run. (1) Fuel, (2) Fire, and (3) Compression. A Fuel pressure test, and a noid light test to tell if it is getting fuel. An arc test to see if it is getting fire, and a Compression test to see if the cylinders are making enough compression to fire the fuel. Now, If all of this sounds complicated, and beyond your know how, then the best advice anyone could give you is; have the car towed to a shop that can find the problem for you. You'll be way ahead of the game. Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!How to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman alongUsually if the timing chain or gears break you will notice that the engine turns over either faster than normal,or it will turn over unevenly.

    But there are plenty of other things that could cause the car to die,such as a fuel pump,or a crank sensor.How to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman alongOpen oil filler cap, and look inside. If you are lucky, and there is no splash shield - you will see rocker arms. Have somebody crank the engine, and if the rocker arm are moving - the chain is not broken. Now, if you can't see the valve train - your only option is to pull the valve cover.How to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman along#1= check for spark at the spark plug end of the wires. if there's spark like on the other answer check for cam or valve train movement, if the car has less than 200k miles it's probably an electrical problem such as a fuel pump fuse or ignition fuse, if it's the timing chain it would have given you a warning ie rough/uneven idle, pinging and lack of power, this are the first symptoms before it breaks,it's rare that a iming chain breaks.

    good luckHow to tell if your timing chain is bad on 1994 buick 3.1 engine and if is bad i do i change it a woman alongThis engine rarely has timing chain problems.also it has no dist,dis direct ign system has been on these engines since 87.Have someone ck it to see if it is firing first,if ok ck fuel pressure.

    How long do it take to put a new timng chain on my 1986 oldsmobile ninety-eight and when they change the chain

    do they change the oil to. I had my car tow to the shop because it wouldnt start i drove it to the store and it was runing fine then came back to start it the car wouldnt come on. the shop said it have a bad timing chain they didtn say anything was wrong with it i hope thatz all is wrong with it.How long do it take to put a new timng chain on my 1986 oldsmobile ninety-eight and when they change the chainIt is about a 6 hour job total and they might want to change the water pump at the same time. If something else is wrong (distributor, valves etc.) this will only be found out later. Any work like this has to have an engine oil change. That is the least of your worries.How long do it take to put a new timng chain on my 1986 oldsmobile ninety-eight and when they change the chainhow many miles is on your olds if it has high milage it is a possability and why did they think it was the timing chain,I'd like to know how they came to that conculisionHow long do it take to put a new timng chain on my 1986 oldsmobile ninety-eight and when they change the chainI agree with the first person, that being said it is about 4 book hours also, they will have to drain the radiator so you may be charged with new anti freeze. I don't know which engine size you have and it makes a difference. If it is front wheel drive it would be about 6 hours. To give you an example - FWD 3.0 5.3 hrs engine code E - 3.8 engine code C, B, 3 (2.5 hours) 3.8 engine code 1 (3.8 hours) etc. V8 4.9L, 4.5L 3.9 hours. good luckHow long do it take to put a new timng chain on my 1986 oldsmobile ninety-eight and when they change the chainthat doesnt sound like a timing chain to me, sounds more like maybe the crank sensor went, or a fuel problem. i have a 88 olds with a 3.8, i figure yours has a 3.8 too. theres a coil pack and module on them,. i know i took mine for a ride once and came back home and when i went to start it, it wouldnt do nothing, it turned out to be the module, and it didnt show up on the check engine light either, that might be your problem too, coil pack or module.

    Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?

    I plan on buying one with 250,000 miles. I've heard they will run over 1 million miles. Looking for info,on how often to change timing chain,and how often automatic trans to be rebuilt. I'm afraid of the turbocharged models as the can cost $800. for a turbocharger.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?They can last a long time, but a million miles is a lot to hope for. Timing chain should be done if it has more than 2 degrees of stretch, which should work out to about 200K miles. The automatic tranny costs a ton of money if it needs rebuilding (figure $1400, plus installation), but you can find used trannys fairly cheap. The most important thing you can do for the tranny is to regularly change filter and fluid, and make sure the vacuum system is in good order. I'm currently running a turbo 190D with 215K miles, not a hint of a problem with the turbo.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?Go for it. My nieghbor has one with 650k+ miles on it.. Finding parts can be a hassle.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?Look on ebay or

    good luck

    How do you know when it's time to change the bar on a chain saw.?

    My chainsaw is about 10 years old and I have only changed the chain twice, I have sharpened the chains in between and I am about to change it for the 3rd time--I don't use it that often, but I don't know when the bar needs changed. Does it ever need to be changed?How do you know when it's time to change the bar on a chain saw.?If the chain still fits in the grove with little side ward movement and the tip roller is still good , then the bar is fine..always use a good quality chain lube, never use detergent motor oil. Keep the chain sharp and out of the dirt and you should keep cutting for some time... Safety first...How do you know when it's time to change the bar on a chain saw.?The ridges on the bar will get real uneven and thin.The chain will jump off quite a lot.How do you know when it's time to change the bar on a chain saw.?when i put on a new chain and it still wouldnt cut straight ...i knew it was time for a new bar...

    How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?

    Is this part of a mjor tunup and on an average how much would a major engine tune up cost ? I;m in Houton,TxHow would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?i have to say this much, i would not wait for a sign for it to wear out, replace it based on mileage which is usually 60,000-80,000 miles from what i have seen. i say it that way because there are two typed of engines out there, interference and non. because you did not give us a make i can not tell you if yours is or not. if it is a honda, then id bet that it is an interference.

    ill let you know what that means the interference engine. if the timing belt lets go, then the path that the valve train and pistons travel intersect in such a fashion that great internal damage will occur. you could end up having to replace the head and or rebuilding the lower end.How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?Have a 2K Acura TL. Maintenance requirement states a need to have the timing belt changed at 60K miles. Cost me five hundred clams cause of other related work that may as well be done such as water pump, serpentine, tensioner, etc. I had it done because it was my wife's car and did not want to take any chance. The car could have continue to run forever without replacing the timing belt but if does go, you're SOL. No symptom when timing belts has to be changed only when it breaks and boy you will know it fast. I had a Nissan 200SX which lasted 250K miles without the timing belt breaking. The timing mechanism in my Ranger PU is a chain as opposed to a belt. Owners Manual does not say anything that the chain have to be replaced within a certain period or mileage. I think it was a lousy design just to get more work for the mechanics.How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?normally done at a certain amount of miles. ppl dont really just do them though. beware, if the engine has low clearance valves it will damage the heads if the timing belt/chain breaks or jumps. i would definately check service specs to see when the timing belt/chain should be done and just do it.
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  • Adjust timing belt on a Car?

    I think the timing belt has possibly skipped, i do not know. Its a 1979 Z28 Camaro. I was going to try and replace the belt/chain. Its under the thin cover below the water pump, i do believe. How easy is it to change a timing chain/belt if it has skipped? How do you know where it is supposed to be lined up at? Thanks in advance.Adjust timing belt on a Car?Pretty easy. It's a chain with no adjustment. You can get a timing chain set for a reasonable price at the parts store.Adjust timing belt on a Car?that car has a chain........and if anything it has stretched........and that is one of the easiest style to change....still requires some work tho.... and hoses if necessary(hoses are radiator usually is) remove water pump......remove timing cover .....remove chain and gears.......replace chain and gears with new chain and gears....make sure its a double roller....most are....

    if u want specifics look up any car show on google and they will have an episode of them changing or installing chain on that motor......

    or search u-tube sure their are some vids...Adjust timing belt on a Car?There are usually some marks on the crankshaft and camshaft gear that should line up with marks on the chain. The two dots on the crank and cam should perfectly line up with one another. No harm in removing the cover and having a look.Adjust timing belt on a Car?Get your self a mechanic that has done this before and save yourself some headaches.

    This requires dismantling the engine, including draining the water/anti freeze and taking off water pump, hoses, air conditioning, fan, probably take off or loosen power steering, and taking off the grill and radiator, and so on. And you might need a damper puller to remove the damper.

    And then you will need to change your oil, completely, since anti freeze will leak into it when you take the belt cover off.

    If you put the chain on wrong, your car may never start. Or you could damage the pistons or valves.

    Leave it up to the pros.

    If you think you can do it, get yourself a manual that shows you how step by step, to do it. And borrow the tools, or rent them, so that it can be done right.Adjust timing belt on a Car?I would strongly say that either get a repair manual for it and do alot of reading up on it if your not in a hurry so you understand how to do it or find someone that can do it or take it to a shop if you can afford a shop to do it.It sounds like your not machanical inclined.

    How long will an engine timing chain last?

    My engine has a timing chain instead of a timing belt. I know a timing belt should get changed every 60-80k miles. How long will a timing CHAIN last for in an engine? I guess it will be a longer interval but what is a safe estimate? I have heard 100k miles to 150k miles. 2002 Chrysler Concorde 89000 miles, thanks mikeHow long will an engine timing chain last?It should last the life of the engine provided you have

    maintained your vehicle properly.

    You've got a long way to go....

    Good LuckHow long will an engine timing chain last?i have the original chain on my 74 valiant. still works fine!How long will an engine timing chain last?Most chains will last forever. Maybe they stretch out a little bit. Biggest problem with chains now is all the plastic that they put inside for guides and tensioners. Not sure what scheduled maintenance would be for that but just pay attention if it ever makes weird noises that could be a sign that guides have gone bad.How long will an engine timing chain last?The life of a timing chain will last along time if, you don't rev the engine too high when cold . A timing chain will stretch the first time you start it up.Very little though. As time goes on it will stretch more and more. The less abuse the longer it will last. You could be right about 100,000 milesHow long will an engine timing chain last?Hey if you maintain your vehicle good and drive it after heating a cold engine for two minutes then its gonna last a life time if inside a care or will break after nearly twelve years. Well keep it in good share and regularly take the ride to a garage and get it serviced and there will be no trouble.How long will an engine timing chain last?All the other posts are correct... but the bottom line is provided you take care of the car.. dont hot rod it and i'd bet the original chain is still on there when you go to sell it someday

    When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?

    I have a August 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, by now I have already hit 60K do i need to change it? Or how do i check whether it is a rubber belt or chain belt which i Heard chain belt can last longer that I don't need to change at this moment.

    Thanks for the help.When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?Yes, the 2.0 4 Cyl engine in the 2004 uses a belt.

    It needs to be replaced every 60K.

    Will it break tomorrow? Probably not. If it does, it will destroy your engine. Is that a chance you want to take? Probably not.When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?check your manual it should give you a recomendation. No manual? Call a dealership. you do own a phone right?When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?Usually around 100 k. If its a 4 cylinder, it should have a rubber one. V6 %26amp; up, Chain one.

    Hope this helps!When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?You most likely have a belt instead of a chain. Check your owners manual or with the dealer. They are usually changed anywhere from 80 to 120KWhen to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?I usually change timing belts at 80k 60k is great.

    This is a form of preventive maintenance.

    To prevent failure.

    Belts stretch.

    As well as drive a plastic water pump usually.

    Most imports you have to change the timing belt and water pump at the same time.

    Now if the timing belt fails you will have pistons hit vavles.

    Usually the result is a new engine.When to change timing belt for Mitsubishi Lancer?Sometimes never only if you have trouble. Are you and if not do not worry

    How do the timing marks line up on a Mazda B2600?

    i am changing the timing chain on a 1991 Mazda b2600i pickup %26amp; need to know how the timing marks on the gears are supposed to be set %26amp; is it on exhaust or intake stroke?How do the timing marks line up on a Mazda B2600?the old mazda b series 4 cyl. had no timing just split the lobes on the cam ,pointing them in the airand roughly even.the crank was set at tdc,what a pain with the timing chain tensioner.if you slacked off the timing chain to much, the tensioner would pop out and into the oil pan.was never ever recomended to push start them as the timing chain tensioner could pop out if the motor slightly turned backwards.