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The redemption of james tyler?

I hit her again last night

I couldn檛 help but to get into a fight

She told me she didn檛 want me

Told me she didn檛 need me

So I slapped her in the face

To let her have a taste

Of what it was I tasted when I saw her with that man

Kissing him, holding his hand

I had drunken way to much to know what I was doing

All the while my thoughts were skewing

Down every escape hatch to get away from this raging beast

Who had reached his last, his final straw at the least

She kept doing her dirt and I saw her deceit

So I beat on her since she decided to cheat

Not that I haven檛 cheated on her before

But when I see her do it, it burns me more

It was I who started this chain of catastrophe

And I who must end it, for it檚 in my anatomy

To be superior and make all the best choices

Ignoring the inferiors voices

Including hers, which was the worst of all

But her love made me feel ten feet tall

That檚 why I never left her

For I檓 nothing without her

And she might not know it yet

But she檚 nothing without me I bet

When I stare into her deep, regal, burgundy eyes

My stomach churns in disgust and despise

When my fimgers grace her smooth creamy skin

My heart beats fast and my soul clutches on to it, as if it were a sin

Her voice is full of fire, sparking flames in the hearts of many men

She enkindled their lustful desires, which by my hand would be brought to an end

Her untamed chocolate curls hung below her neck

Her beauty is raw, her body impeccable, she is nothing short of admirers you can expect

Everywhere eyes turned and met her beauty with awe and wonder

And when she leaves me late at night, she leaves my mind to ponder

For I am quite possesive

Over her love I am quite obsessive

I檓 not afraid to let jealousy boil in my veins

As I ward over this stallion to keep her with my last name

Surely you must think me of some unfair scoundrel

But I am quaint, and you must know that I檓 a bit bedazzled

Surely you can檛 say you檝e never had the slightest doubt

That whenever your significant other had to step out

You felt the tiniest urge pulling in the back of your mind

Telling you not to turn a blind eye

Don檛 get me wrong I love this woman dearly

And I檇 like for you to see this situation more clearly

For the sounds of silence settle in the folds of solitude

And against your will, you listen as it beckons you

To come hear how they giggle

How their passions are lightly tickled

How they whisper sweet and soft nothings in one another檚 ear

Fighting over which one holds the other most dear

Now, you can檛 tell me you檝e never had that time

When your tranquility could change to paranoia at the drop of a dimeThe redemption of james tyler?It was kind of a cliff-hanger at the end there (I'm assuming you're looking for a critique), but aside from that, it was really good. At times, it would get kind of a deep feeling to it, but it was here-and-there, if you know what I mean. About half of it had that, but it wasn't super consistent.

But I like how you find words to rhyme that I would never ever think of. Giggle and tickle, neck and expect, and so on. On paper, they don't rhyme at all, but if you say them, they actually do work. I think that's pretty creative and kind of unique.

I also like how you don't have a rhythmic pattern in your poems. To some people that would be annoying, but not for me. You do the rhyming, but you don't really care about the syllable counts, which allow you a lot of flexibility for more emotion and saying what you really want to say (here I am, telling you what you already know..). It makes for a very unique blend of poetry and story. I know peoms are supposed to tell stories, but the way you put yours together, it's more like a regular story you'd read in a book, with poetry thrown into it. Really cool and different from anything I've read before.

And your comparisons and similes and metaphors; the words you use to make those up are brilliant. Great job.

Oh, and if you're asking for title ideas, I've got nothing, sorry..
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  • How is my valedictorian speech?

    ok, so i'm only in grade seven, but my %26quot;in the future%26quot; grade 8 teacher already chose me as valedictorian. i wrote this and it took me a while, could you leave me some questions, comments or concerns please, and tell me if i need to make any changes.

    I would like to welcome everybody once again, thank-you for coming family, friends, teachers and graduating class of 2010. Tonight we gather here, at Holy Family Community Church for the celebration and graduation of the St. Jerome grade 8 class of 2010. This will be our last few days at St. Jerome as a class and we will all be moving on to high school.

    When I think back on the five years I檝e spent at our school, many things come to my mind. But it檚 only all of the things I檝e learned in class, but also the friends I檝e made and the life lessons I檝e learned. The main point of elementary school is to prepare us for high school and fill us will all the education they can, and our school has done just that and even more. All of the graduates have grown so much through out elementary school, and we are ready for our next challenge. Our school has been like a bridge across an ocean, out faculty have always been there for us.

    Through all of the happy, sad, funny, and even the most embarrassing moments at St. Jerome, we have so learned many things through out that will help us now and later in life. All of these experiences have helped to make us who we are today and who we will be in the future. We have shared so many tears and laughs, and the friendships we檝e made are the kind that will last to the end. I learned something new every day, whether it was from one of my teachers, all the teachers or another student. That檚 one of the great things about our school; we learned just as much from each other as we did from everyone of our teachers.

    We have worked very, very hard to get here, and have had to go through very many changes. Our schedule changed almost every year and then back to what it had originally been in 5th grade. And although some of these changes were not the best points of our elementary school career, like in 1st grade when we had to memorize all our times tables, all of these changes have helped so much to prepare everyone of us for this massive change from elementary school students in to high school students.

    Even though classes could sometimes be hard, boring and usually tiring, we were all pretty sure it was necessary to pay as much attention as we could and study lots to be the best students we could possibly be. Besides all the tests, quizzes, and tons of boring lectures, we have had a lot of fun these past years. We have been on a lot of fun class and school trips, like cross country skiing, downhill skiing and all of the school dances. Also, many of the projects we did were quite fun, like the Battle of the Books in seventh grade and the create-your-own-toy project that many of us did in grade seven with Mrs. Ratcliffe and we will never forget the Mr. Beans movies. Elementary school has been an amazing adventure, almost like a roller coaster, and I know most of you agree.

    The past years seemed to go by very fast, and I can檛 believe we are already graduating and going to high school. It seemed like just last week I was a scared kindergartener coming to our school for the first time, grabbing my moms leg and being at the bottom of the food chain, not having any idea of what kind people would be there, what elementary school would be like. I didn檛 know if I would make any friends or if I could find any of my classes. Now, we檙e all much more confident in ourselves and are ready to enter high school and be at the bottom of the food chain again but be able to have a positive attitude and feeling sure of ourselves.

    Congratulations class of 2010, we have come so far together to get here, some of it was a struggle, like dodging all the rumors and fights with our friends, lying to our teachers as to why we couldn檛 finish our homework or bring it in on time because you were out partying too late. On the other hand, there were the proud moments, like when you didn檛 get a bad report card, or when you got 100% on that one test. It will be hard to forget all those moments, so lets try to remember them, cherish them, and laugh at the embarrassing ones.

    and could you help me make an ending sentance?How is my valedictorian speech?Hmm... In the first paragraph:

    In the opening you're being redundant by saying thank you for coming twice so maybe your speech would better benefit without that

    In the second paragraph:

    When you say %26quot; But it檚 only all of the things I檝e learned in class%26quot; it should be %26quot;But it's not only...%26quot;

    I enjoy your speech, it's very heartfelt : 3How is my valedictorian speech?Please change your speech it's not fair to plagiarize something I wrote. It isn't heartfelt because it's from my heart not yours! Please change it I spent a long time on my speech and it isn't fair for you to steal it.

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    How is my valedictorian speech?Wait a minute!!! I just read in your question that you said it took you a while! Ha!!!!!! You thief!!!

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    How is my valedictorian speech?You are the lowest person EVER I would sue if I were LISA!!!!!!!

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    How is my valedictorian speech?yeah, it was pretty rude, but I don't think you can sue, plus I told her teacher what she did and now she isn't allowed to be Valedictorian, hope i helped some.

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    How is my valedictorian speech?Oh you told her teacher? How did you do that today is Sunday but I guess you could've emailed her or something. But oh well thanks a lot! I feel kind of bad though, but she shouldn't have done that it was rude.

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    How is my valedictorian speech?yeh, i phoned the school. one of the teachers was there working on report cards.

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    Triangle of space at bottom of 2 front teeth?

    so i have had my bottom braces for 14 months well 15 since its almost september. and my tops for 9(10). and my teeth look soo much different and really look nice.on the top i used to have a pretty big gap inbetween my 2 front teeth and its closed now but at the bottom of them there is a little triangle of space and i think it might just be the shape of my teeth but idk. is there something my dentist could do to get rid of it or just leave it alone since it wouldnt make a huge difference? and also how many more months about will i have braces for i got to the ortho on tuesday and he only changed the bottom wire 3 times. he only changes the top now and i have had power chains on the top ever since i got them. he said before highschool they will be off and im in 8th grade. so about how many more months?Triangle of space at bottom of 2 front teeth?You should not bother about this triangular space at the bottom as this will be filled naturally with your gums. Normally the braces are for 18-24 months but some times it takes few months longer depending upon the case. For more information on braces you can visit the following link

    They even have the facility of free consultation by dentist.

    Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?

    Hi I am an iyer residing in Chennai.. I have been married for 5 years now. I have been wearing a gold thali kodi with the two thirumangalyams.. Now I would like to change the chain to a Karugamani .

    I somehow feel that karugamani wont go well with my necklaces that i wear for functions and on occasions.

    My grandmom aunty mom , everyone they have two sets of this thirumangalyam . One heavy that is worn on special days with one set of thirumangalyam and a few other things like tha gundu ,karugamani ,pavazham etc. On a daily basis however they wear a thinner one with minimum of the decorative pieces..

    In my inlaws house however they wear both always be it in a yellow thread and gold, in two gold chains or in one single chain. But always two.

    Now when i ask my MIL she is being nice and says u do whatever u want to I wont insist but this is how we have been doing till now (wearing both thirumangalaym all time ) She says as long as u wear something no one is going to pull it out and ask u if u are wearing both or not.

    I dont want to cause any discomfort . But what is it that you all do? wear both no matter what or as long as u wear one it is still the same? I am wondering if this is a family thing or is there no specific unwritten rule to this..Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?Did you know that you would get better and more answers if you asked this question in the Indian Yahoo Answers section?Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?sure. wear whatever the f*ck you want

    Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?

    Hi I am an iyer residing in Chennai.. I have been married for 5 years now. I have been wearing a gold thali kodi with the two thirumangalyams.. Now I would like to change the chain to a Karugamani .

    I somehow feel that karugamani wont go well with my necklaces that i wear for functions and on occasions.

    My grandmom aunty mom , everyone they have two sets of this thirumangalyam . One heavy that is worn on special days with one set of thirumangalyam and a few other things like tha gundu ,karugamani ,pavazham etc. On a daily basis however they wear a thinner one with minimum of the decorative pieces..

    In my inlaws house however they wear both always be it in a yellow thread and gold, in two gold chains or in one single chain. But always two.

    Now when i ask my MIL she is being nice and says u do whatever u want to I wont insist but this is how we have been doing till now (wearing both thirumangalaym all time ) She says as long as u wear something no one is going to pull it out and ask u if u are wearing both or not.

    I dont want to cause any discomfort . But what is it that you all do? wear both no matter what or as long as u wear one it is still the same? I am wondering if this is a family thing or is there no specific unwritten rule to this..Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?The groom ties the Mangalsutra, a sacred thread of love and goodwill, around the neck of the bride on the day of the marriage, signifying their union.Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?you can try many dresses and take suggestion from people close to you whom you can trust.Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?yea sure.

    How many global warmings have occurred in the past?

    Unlike most apparently intractable problems, which have a tendency to go away when examined closely and analytically, the climate change predicament just seems to get bigger and scarier the more we learn about it.

    Now we discover that not only are the oceans and the atmosphere conspiring against us, bringing baking temperatures, more powerful storms, floods and ever-climbing sea levels, but the crust beneath our feet seems likely to join in too.

    Looking back to other periods in our planet's history when the climate was swinging about wildly, most notably during the last ice age, it appears that far more than the weather was affected. The solid earth also became restless, with an increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes, giant submarine landslides and tsunamis. At the rate climate change is accelerating, there is every prospect that we will see a similar response from the planet, heralding not just a warmer future but also a fiery one.

    Several times in the past couple of million years the ice left its polar fastnesses

    and headed towards the equator, covering much of the world's continents in ice sheets over a kilometre thick, and sucking water from the oceans in order to do so. As a consequence, at times when the ice was most dominant, global sea levels were as much as 130m lower than they are today; sufficient to expose land bridges between the UK and the continent and Alaska and Russia.

    Each time the ice retreated, sea levels shot up again, sometimes at rates as high as several metres a century. In the mid 1990s, as part of a study funded by the European Union, we discovered that in the Mediterranean region there was a close correlation between how quickly sea levels went up and down during the last ice age and the level of explosive activity at volcanoes in Italy and Greece.

    The link was most obvious following the retreat of the glaciers around 18,000 years ago, after which sea levels jumped back up to where they are today, triggering a 300% increase in explosive volcanic activity in the Mediterranean in doing so. Further evidence for a flurry of volcanic action at this time comes from cores extracted from deep within the Greenland ice sheet, which yield increased numbers of volcanic dust and sulphate layers from eruptions across the northern hemisphere, if not the entire planet.

    Read the full content?br>

    But how can rising sea levels cause volcanoes to erupt? The answer lies in the enormous mass of the water pouring into the ocean basins from the retreating ice sheets. The addition of over a hundred metres depth of water to the continental margins and marine island chains, where over 60% of the world's active volcanoes reside, seems to be sufficient to load and bend the underlying crust.

    This in turn squeezes out any magma that happens to be hanging around waiting for an excuse to erupt. It may well be that a much smaller rise can trigger an eruption if a volcano is critically poised and ready to blow.

    Eruptions of Pavlof volcano in Alaska, for example, tend to occur during the winter months when, for meteorological reasons, the regional sea level is barely 30cm (12in) higher than during the summer. If other volcanic systems are similarly sensitive then we could be faced with an escalating burst of volcanic activity as anthropogenic climate change drives sea levels ever upwards.

    Notwithstanding the recent prediction by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that sea levels in 2100 will be a measly 18-59cm (7-23in) higher, Jim Hansen ?eminent climate scientist and director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies ?warns that we could see a one to two metre rise this century and several more in the next. Other climate scientists too, forecast substantially greater rises than the IPCC, whose prediction excludes any consideration of future changes in polar ice sheet behaviour. A worst-case scenario could see a return to conditions that prevailed around 14,000 years ago, when sea levels rose 13.5 metres (44ft) - the height of a three-storey house - in the space of about 300 years.

    Such a dramatic rise in coming centuries would clearly spell catastrophe for our civilisation, with low-lying regions across the planet vanishing rapidly beneath the waves. Just a one metre (3.28ft) rise would threaten one third of the world's agricultural land, two metres (6.56ft) would make the Thames flood barrier redundant and four metres (13.12ft) would drown the city of Miami, leaving it 37 miles (60km) off the US coast.

    As sea levels climb higher so a response from the world's volcanoes becomes ever more likely, and perhaps not just from volcanoes. Loading of the continental margins could activate faults, triggering increased numbers of earthquakes, which in turn could spawn giant submarine landslides. Such a scenario is believed to account for the gigantic Storegga Slide, which sloughed off the Norwegian coast around 8,000 years ago, sending a tsunami more than 20 metres (66ft) high in places across the Shetland Isles and onto the east coast of Scotland. Should Greenland be released from its icy carapace, the underlying crust will start to bob back up, causing earthquakes well capable of shaking off the huge piles of glacial sediment that have accumulated around its margins and sending tsunamis across the North Atlantic.

    The Earth is responding as a single, integrated system to climate change driven by human activities. Global warming is not just a matter of warmer weather, more floods or stronger hurricanes, but is also a wake-up call to Terra Firma. It may be no coincidence that one outcome of increased volcanic activity is likely to be a period of falling temperatures, as a veil of volcanic dust and gas reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface. Maybe the Earth is trying to tell us something. It really would be worth listening before it is too late.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?There have been countless warmings and coolings of the planet during it's existence.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?CountlessHow many global warmings have occurred in the past?one

    they called it a

    FLOODHow many global warmings have occurred in the past?1500 year cycle.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?so, how many of these ancient climate changes where humans responsable for?

    None, if the climate changes it is part of the normal change the planet goes through and there is nothing we can or should do about it because we will most likely just make things worse.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?I do believe that man is a contributor to global warming.. so don't think I'm trying to knock the theory with this.. but did you know they believe that our species, the homo-sapien sapien, arose from these periods of massive weather change.. our bodies are designed to adapt to all weather conditions.. from very hot to very cold.. this is why we overtook the neanderthals .. they were better designed for cold weather.. but only for cold weather.. they could not adapt to change as we could.

    global warming is a problem.

    we should address it and do our best to take care of our part.

    but it won't be the end of mankind.. we were made to adapt to this type of thing as a species.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?What caused all the others? My dear ol Grandad used to say %26quot;If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.%26quot; And you liberals hate America so much that you're easy prey for the scam artisit.

    The biggest segment of data you man-made global warmites don't figure in is weather because you can't, it's to complicated. The computer model is flawed that way, and it's causes the model to drift.

    BTW what happened to all of the Hurricanes we are supposed to be having. So, much for your %26quot;scientists%26quot; predictions.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?As you point out this has happened before and presumably not due to methane from the Woolly Mammoths. What makes you think that whatever we do could stop this any more than we can stop tornadoes and earthquakes?How many global warmings have occurred in the past?Yes, global warming has happened in the past. But every scientist studying this issue also knows that it hasn't happened at the rate of speed it is happening now. And, they also know that humans are causing it. There is no debate about this. This is now considered scientific fact.

    And, you forgot to add one issue that isn't being talked about much but it really is a huge issue. And, that is the amount of carbon dioxide trapped underneath the oceans from rotting animals and plants. And, there is ALOT! the fact that the waters are warming up makes that carbon dioxide start bubbling and it warms as well. Carbon rises when warmed and if that carbon dioxide warms enough, it will surface to the top of the ocean and it WILL kill everthing in it's path, animal human and vegetation. This is no small thing. This is massive and it covers most of the deep ocean. In otherwords, this carbon dioxide mass threatens life on the entire planet.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?There will always be change in the warming and cooling, always has, and always will be...Due to the way God made the earth, like this...

    %26quot;In the atmosphere, heat is transferred by one of three processes: conduction, convection, or radiation. Conduction is the movement of heat by and through a substance by stimulation of its molecular activity without any movement of the matter itself. the ability of substances to conduct hear varies considerably. For example , the handle of a solid metal spoon heats rapidly when the other end is immersed in a hot liquid, whereas the handle of a wooden spoon remains cool. This difference comes about because wood is a relatively poor conducter. The atmosphere is also a poor conductor, , so conduction plays a minor role in the warming or cooling of air. Of much greater importance in weather events is convection, or the transport of heat by the movement of parcels of air. Convection is usually described as taking place vertically. Fair-weather cumulus clouds, for example, are caused by rising air currents. Air heated at the surface of the earth tends to rise as an invisible column through surrounding cooler air. The rising column continues to cool in its ascent until it reaches its dew point, or saturation temperature,. At this point, also called the condesation level , water vapor in the rising air becomes liquid and is visible as a cloud. Most atmospheric heat originatees on the sun and arrives by radiation, or the invisible transfer of heat by rays of various wavelengths. The conducting medium is unaffected by the passage of radiative heat through it, but the terminal object of the rays absorbs, scatters, or reflects the heat. Of the solar radiation arriving at the top of the atmosphere, only about 50 percent is absorbed by the surface of the earth. About 20 percent is absorbed in the air by molecules, particles, and clouds; 27 percent of the total is reflected back into outer space by cloud tops and air molecules. The remaining 3 percent is reflected directly back to space by the earth's surface. Although the earth as a whole absorbs about as much heat as it loses, the rates of absorption and loss differ according to latitude,. In the tropics and equatorial regions, where the daytime sun passes nearly overhead, more heat is received than lost. the opposite is true for more poleward latitudes, where sunlight strikes the ground at lower angles. This imbalance of heat in various parts of the globe drives the winds and ocean currents, which act as giant heat pumps, tansferring warm air or water form the latitudes poleward, and returning cold air and water to the tropics.%26quot;

    As you can see, the earth is in balance, and will always have different shifts in weather patterns from time to time, but it will always basically balance over time, that is why the earth tilts during spring and fall, giving us summer and winter, in the northerly reaches and southerly reaches, and staying the same in the center/equatorial latitudes.How many global warmings have occurred in the past?Why should you care you are rich , So it will not effect you,

    just turn your AC up
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  • This question relate to product rule or chain rule...?please help me...?

    let V be the volume of a cylinder having height,h and radius, r and assume that h and r vary with time.

    i)how are dV/dt, dh/dt and dr/dt related?

    ii)at a certain instant, the height is 6 in and increasing at 1 in/s, while the radius is 10 in decreasing at 1 in/s. How fast is the volume changing at that instant? is the volume increasing or decreasing at that instant?This question relate to product rule or chain rule...?please help me...?;