Monday, October 24, 2011

Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?

Hi I am an iyer residing in Chennai.. I have been married for 5 years now. I have been wearing a gold thali kodi with the two thirumangalyams.. Now I would like to change the chain to a Karugamani .

I somehow feel that karugamani wont go well with my necklaces that i wear for functions and on occasions.

My grandmom aunty mom , everyone they have two sets of this thirumangalyam . One heavy that is worn on special days with one set of thirumangalyam and a few other things like tha gundu ,karugamani ,pavazham etc. On a daily basis however they wear a thinner one with minimum of the decorative pieces..

In my inlaws house however they wear both always be it in a yellow thread and gold, in two gold chains or in one single chain. But always two.

Now when i ask my MIL she is being nice and says u do whatever u want to I wont insist but this is how we have been doing till now (wearing both thirumangalaym all time ) She says as long as u wear something no one is going to pull it out and ask u if u are wearing both or not.

I dont want to cause any discomfort . But what is it that you all do? wear both no matter what or as long as u wear one it is still the same? I am wondering if this is a family thing or is there no specific unwritten rule to this..Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?The groom ties the Mangalsutra, a sacred thread of love and goodwill, around the neck of the bride on the day of the marriage, signifying their union.Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?you can try many dresses and take suggestion from people close to you whom you can trust.Can I wear a thali kodi with one thirumangalyam?yea sure.